Human Resource Solution Business

Personnel with expertise in manufacturing and production working successfully in Japan and other regions in Asia


Business Fields

General manufacturing services in Japan and overseas
  • Contract manufacturing business (contracting [on-premises contract manufacturing] and contract manufacturing staffing and recruitment services)
  • IT production engineering business (staffing and recruitment services)
  • IT and design development engineering business (staffing, recruitment services and contracting)
  • Technical service business (various repairs, rework and analysis / general customer services)
  • Logistics service business (distribution 3PL / flow surface processing / staffing)
  • Contract education/training after entering Japan for technical interns and business support for companies accepting interns concerning the technical intern training program for foreigners

Business Overview

Global support system
For assisting customers in overseas production

The nms Group has set up 70 operational bases in 11 countries, including China and the members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). The nms Group has established a cost-competitive and high-quality production structure by aligning those bases in Japan and overseas. Moreover, the nms Group has set up systems compatible with legal structures in various countries and regions to meet the diverse demands of its customers. As a new initiative, the nms Group established the Japan Technical Education Organization (JATEO), a company that trains technical interns from overseas, in 2017. The JATEO is training technical interns from overseas in response to the demands of parties that receive them at a facility for post-entry training it set up to achieve the goal of their early conversion into reliable workforce. Meanwhile, the nms Group has been commissioned to perform tasks related to the receipt of technical interns from overseas, such as general affairs, personnel affairs, labor management and welfare. The nms Group is offering original solutions that comprehensively support both interns and parties that receive them.


Supporting business entities that accept overseas human resources in diverse ways

Practical Use of Electronics Manufacturing Service Business Knowhow
Proposals Combined with Human Resource Services and Labor-Saving Equipment for Contributing to Customers’ Quality and Cost

The nms Group offers total solutions in which human resource solutions and the knowhow of services such as the design and manufacturing of labor-saving equipment gained through the Electronics Manufacturing Service Business are combined.

In the ASEAN region, the nms Group established a business base in Vietnam in 2016 as a commissioned manufacturing plant for the Human Resource Solution Business. This plant is manufacturing products centered on automobile onboard components on a contract basis. Production staff at the plant grew in number from an initial 300 to 1,150 in 2018. The nms Group is taking steps to improve its manufacturing efficiency using labor-saving facilities and expand its customer base by diversifying contracted tasks to include quality management and inspection, among other services. Moreover, the nms Group is building a system for training locally hired employees for the Human Resource Solution Business and training high-level personnel to achieve the goal of further improving the quality of contract operations.

In the labor-saving equipment business, the nms Group is meeting demands overseas through automation as one aspect of contracted services, while substantially reducing man-hours for processes previously inspected visually, stabilizing quality management and advancing on-premises contracted services. Business inquiries related to these Group initiatives have been growing in Vietnam and China. The nms Group is also undertaking the operations in Thailand.


Human resource development and manufacturing capable of meeting varied demands

Worker dispatch for manufacturing

The nms Group has built a mobile production structure for operations ranging from the training of personnel with expertise in advanced technologies and production job sites to their dispatch. The nms Group achieves both quality and price competitiveness by aligning business facilities in Japan and overseas using its network.

Engineer dispatch service?Contract engineering

The nms Group helps to speed up development by dispatching design and development engineers. The nms Group is employing an increasing number of foreign engineers to meet diverse demands.

Offering logistic and repair services, making use of its know-how on worker dispatch for manufacturing and contract manufacturing

Contract third-party logistics and technical distribution processing

The nms Group offers innovative services in which the knowhow of third-party logistics and technical services and its achievements in those services are combined. The nms Group also responds to the development of efficient distribution routes and advanced processing in the physical distribution of electronic devices.

Substrate repairs and repair customer services

The nms Group offers total solutions related to repairs that cover components management, repair and after-repair services and delivery. The nms Group meets diversifying demands with steps, including the establishment of repair shops certified by Huawei Technologies operated under its “nms mobile” brand for the portable terminal business.



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