Electronics Manufacturing Service Business

Offering one-stop services for meeting the demands of substrate mounting, from design, installation, distribution to repairs


Business Fields

  • Contract electronic device manufacturing service

Business Overview

The key is in the shift to fabless manufacturing industry, for flexibly coping with changes in the markets and business climate.

The nms Group has established a unique business model that combines the know-how on contract Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) Business with the mobility of human resources and human resources development capabilities. Today, a new trend has emerged with the EMS Business. The key lies in the shift to fabless manufacturing industry. As markets expand globally, the business climate has changed rapidly with geopolitical risks also involved. The key is in how promptly we can cope with the changing business climate, and the shift to fabless manufacturing has progressed with the Japanese manufacturing industry, in addition to selection and concentration of businesses. Here lies a new potential for further growth of the EMS Business.


Realizing high installation capability and low-cost production lines made possible by our engineers working in Japan and overseas

Electronic equipment, such as energy-saving home appliances, automobiles and digitizing amusement equipment, are indispensable for our lifestyles. Technologies for substrate mounting play extremely important roles in their manufacturing processes. The nms Group offers substrate mounting solutions that have never before existed based on neo EMS (advanced EMS), a vision adopted for its Electronics Manufacturing Service Business.
In the business of contract electronics manufacturing services, the nms Group can offer one-stop services in all fields and processes involved in design, installation, assembly and prototype manufacturing of electric and electronic products, including component procurement, inspections, overseas production, logistics, repairs and customer services. The nms Group has developed flexible production systems for meeting the demand for single-process, small-lot and multi-item production, not to mention demand for integrated and mass production. Engineers in Japan and overseas are supporting these services. There are no borders in the world of technology. By making the most of Group synergy, the nms Group meets the demands of its customers through the high substrate mounting capabilities and low-cost production lines it has developed.

Offering multi-faceted support for meeting the needs of total contracting, from design to production

Functions and roles of each operational base of TKR Corporation
  • Mega EMS in developing countries: Malaysia, Vietnam and Mexico, in business fields where high reliability is demanded, for small-lot and multi-item production systems (onboard equipment, industrial equipment, etc.)
  • Tailor-made EMS in the matured market: China (Dongguan), in business fields where design and development capabilities and cost competitiveness are demanded, for mass-production systems (digital consumer products, etc.)
  • To enhance these functions, an R&D Center for conducting operations that include product design has been established at the operational base in Dongguan, China.
  • Manufacturing control systems and infrastructures are also offered at domestic operational bases, for customers with development capabilities but without manufacturing infrastructures.